Rising on the River 2006
By Chester Harper

On the 17 & 18 of June the Fort at NO.4 in Charlestown, NH held its first annual Jacobite event entitled Rising on the River, depicting the Scottish forces that rallied to the banner of the Prince Regent Charles Edward Stuart, early in the rebellion.

The event received a great response from public and reenactors alike. Most of the public had never seen anything like the battle before and several reenactors said that the battle was a very fun one because of its open ended nature. The government troops that scheduled for this event where absent but a special thanks is put out to the men of Clan MacLaren who fielded as government troops, the men of Herrick's Rangers who where at the fort for a garrison weekend and had no plans of fighting but decided to field for us as light infantry and light artillery and the members of the NO.4 Militia who where able to attend. All together the numbers on both sides managed to reach 20 with the Jacobites wining on both days, overrunning the government lines.

The heat of the weekend was oppressive due to the humidity rising off the Connecticut River but for the most part it was a great success and will definitely be held again in 2007 but the date will probably be moved forward to attract greater attendance.