Regiments, Societies, and Groups
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The Atholl Brigade(U.K)
Scot Wars The Civil Wars and Jacobite Rebellions
Glen Bucket's Regiment 1689-1745 (U.K.)
Frasers (U.K.)
Lace Wars (U.K.)
Royal Ecossois (1st Battalion France)
Historic Highlanders A Living History Society
The Argyle Militia For King, Clan, and the Rule of Law
36th Regiment of Foote (U.K.)
60th Royal Americans, Gordon's Company
Clann of the Wolf
60th Royal Americans, Barnsley's Company (e-mail)
60th Royal Americans, Gorrell's Company (e-mail)
Forces of Montcalm & Wolfe, Inc. (Robert Jansen)
Irish Piquets
The Royal Scots Greys ('Scots Greys') Mounted Dragoons (e-mail)