Clan Mackay Independent Company

Primary Geographical Area: Headquarted in Whatcom County, Washington
Recruiting Area is Washington State (US) & British Columbia (Canada)

For More Information:
Email: Terry Holmes

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The Clan Mackay Independent Company is unique amongst most '45 era units in that it was founded & is commanded by a Clan Mackay Society "commissioner", and is focusing on primarily recruiting from amongst Clan Mackay kinsmen, making it a "true" clan unit. As such we will be very active in support of Clan Mackay Society related events, and seek to provide an "escort" (etc.) for visiting Clan Mackay dignitaries at local games & events, as well as participating in battle reenactments & living history displays.

Membership, however, is *not* limited to the kith & kin of Clan Mackay only! All are welcome to join: fighting men, the ladies, wee lads and wee lasses who share a love for 18th century Scottish military & civilian history, and are dedicated to an accurate portrayal of Loyalist Highland clansfolk/militia of the '45 era.